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Welcome to! We created our product in order to help students move every piece of information from lessons to their long-term memory. Our team knows perfectly how it can be difficult to remember each word translation, definition and memorize mathematical formulas, so we decided to develop an app where you can organise all your notes from your lessons. 

Let’s start a short guide around your workplace! First of all, check out the home page: here you can find all your existing classes, create new ones, play flashcard games and check your account information.


Create Classes and Lessons

On you can create classes and lessons. What is the difference between them? Well, a class is a subject that you have to study in general. A class can be divided into lessons: smaller topics of which your subject consists. Create classes regarding your timetable and insert into them different lessons for each theme you have!

Record an Audio

Good, now you know about classes and lessons, let’s continue! Once you have created a lesson, it is time to insert the information from your real classes and books. In order to do it, you have three options: audio, flashcards and a virtual blackboard. The first option is audio. Here you can directly record your professors’ speech or upload an audio file that you already have.

Create Flashcards is at your disposal 24/7, you can play on your laptop late at night or on your smartphone while taking breakfast, why should we put limits to the learning time and locations? 



Create a Board

Finally, you have the possibility to create boards. On you can have virtual blackboards for every topic you need. Save grammar rules and exceptions, useful links or pieces of advice that the professor gave you!

Play a Quiz

Well, we explained to you almost everything about, just one thing left: our Game Arena! In the Game Arena, you can repeat the information that you saved on the flashcards. Choose the lesson you would like to repeat, the game type and play! Can you get the highest score?

This is all you should know about in order to use it in the most efficient way. Don’t forget to read the information on our website and be ready for your A+!

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