Auditory Learner – Perfect Partner




What is a Auditory Learner?

If you are like a large part of society a  … add in all the info here Features to help Auditory Learners.


Record your Class:

WHY & How  If you learn from listening its always a great idea to relisted to the class. 

Practice Recording your Self Summarizing:

WHY & How  sss

Make Audio Based Flash Cards:

why and how

 Use Speech to Answer:

Why and how









Why should we use Audio Quiz? 

  • Different learning methods for different people – Everyone works differently and it’s clear that we all have our own unique ways of learning and taking in new information.With around 35% of the world’s population being auditory learner (others may be visual learners), meaning that compared to other senses, people tend to learn and memorise new information more easily through repetitive listening.  

    By using, you will be shocked by how much your memory    can boost!


  • A perfect on-the-go learning feature – When you commute in the train or tube everyday, it’s really easy and effective to play the quiz by listening and speaking with the speech recognition. 

    It could be really refreshing encountering the flashcards through ears rather than eyes.


Audio Quiz is a flashcard study game with built-in customisable audio functions.

Step 1:

Create a new class and a new lesson;

Step 2:

Create a flashcard card and record your own audio question(front side); 

Step 3:

Save the Record and go back to the flashcard page;

Step 4:

Turn “back” and type the relevant answers(back side);

Step 5:

Go to homepage and click “play a Game!!”.