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Learning a language has never been easier thanks to! In order to prepare for your English exam you only need to make a flashcard set with the content you prefer (images, words or audio).

For each topic you can easily create a flashcard set and store it on the app. Say goodbye to old-fashioned cramming, focus only on the topics you need!

This is an example for English, but you can use it for any other language you want!

The easiest way to learn English

Whenever you find an important notion in your study books, make a flashcard for it. This is as hard as it gets. At this point you only need to try the app for yourself, you won’t regret it. Language Learning As Easy As Pie!

Improve your vocabulary right in your hand with its nice flashcard feature is the perfect way to increase the number of words that you remember in a foreign language.

Stimulate visual memory

Nowadays flashcards are not yet popular as a studying tool. However, because of the human tendency to remember images better than texts, at we have decided to invest in this precious methodology. For example, do you need to study the word “holm” in English? Why not using a flashcard with the popular detective Sherlock Holmes?

Get ready for every exam

Get the most out of you with your own flashcards! When we prepare an exam, we all have our own difficulties: make a flashcard for a hard word required for the GRE exam, record a short conversation for the IELTS test and much more. helps you build a study program based on your own mindset.

Do well in exams: Be A+ student 

Our recipe to master all your classes: take down notes using the recording/audio file function, break down a module into more sections or topics, cover every point in the exam and tick off every single thing on the list.

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