Children’s English Flashcards

Want to build out your English vocabulary? We have created a range of visual flashcards to help you do this. Feel free to download the class to add more flashcards and play games on the flashcards. Or simply watch the flashcard videos and test yourself instantly. We hope you enjoy these flashcard sets.

Numbers – English Flashcards

We cover the main range of numbers with the main break out needed to know how to count into the thousands.

Food – English Flashcards

Expand your food vocabulary so you can order the basics. With these food flashcards.

Fruits – Flashcards

Cover the main fruits with these flashcards. Make sure you can always choose the healthy option.  

Vegetables – English Flashcards

Grab your vegetables! With these flashcards, you will get through the main supermarket vegetables. 

Drinks – English Flashcards

Basic drinks that you should know. Try out the drinks vocab builder flashcards.  

Flashcard set covering the basic farm animals. 

Pets – English Flashcards

Flashcard set covering the main Pets you may find. Build up your animal vocabulary with these pet vocabulary flashcards. 

Chores – English Flashcards

Build up your chores vocabulary with this set of flashcards covering the basics to keep your home nice and tidy.

Colors – English Flashcards

Boost your vocabulary with this comprehensive flashcard set that covers the main Colors you’ll encounter. Expand your knowledge with these specially colorful vocabulary flashcards.

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