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Getting Started

Welcome to! On your home page, you can find everything you need in order to start learning and organising study materials in the best way! First of all, check out the possibility of creating new classes (and add lessons into them!). Choose the lesson you need and fill it with useful information, such as audio, flashcards, or notes on the virtual blackboard. When you are sure that you learnt every piece of information, play a quiz on the game arena!

Create Classes

Add classes on the workspaces for every subject. While creating a class, you can add the name of the subject and the teacher’s name in order to categorise your lessons. Have you personalised your class? Great, you are ready to explore! 

Create Flashcards

While using you can create sets of flashcards for every information you need to repeat and remember. Press the New flashcard button and choose a flashcard type: it can be a text, an image or an audio. For the image flashcard type you have two options: you can upload a picture from your own laptop/smartphone or search for it online by pressing the Web button. Create as many flashcards as you need!

Create Boards will help you keep every note from your lessons! Open the classes and lessons you need and click on the Board button. Well, you opened the board menu! Press the New board button and be ready to write every information you need: from grammar rules to useful links! 

How to Record is a great place in order to store audio from your lessons! Open the class and lesson where you would like to save some audio, the audio section is the one that will be opened automatically on your lesson workspace. You have two options in the upper right corner: by pressing the microphone button you can record a speech in real-time and by pressing the cloud button you can upload an already existing file. Using audios to learn is very important, don’t forget about it!

How to Play Card Quiz

Did you put all the notes and audio into your lessons? And what about flashcards, do you have enough of them? Perfect! It is time to repeat the information you learnt! Press the Play a game button in the upper right corner, choose the lesson you want to repeat and the game type you prefer… you are ready to start! Look at the front part of the flashcard and put the answer on the space below the flashcard. Check if you gave the right answer and go on in order to know the result and see if you need to repeat anything!

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