Take Notes Online

The impressive development in information technology has turned our PCs from mere calculators to windows open to the world. The Web constantly changes our ways of life, and the Internet is now a constant companion in our daily routine.

It is therefore not surprising that, among all the things that can be done on the Internet, more and more students are starting to get used to the idea of taking notes online.

By taking your notes on a secured Cloud – such as the one used by ClassMaster.io – you can access your material everywhere you are and anytime you want, with no need to carry around useless weights. So what are you waiting for? Join our online community!

How To Take Notes Online?

ClassMaster.io helps you take notes online and store them in a secure Cloud system. It is really simple: just go to class, sit down in the best spot of the room to focus on the teacher, open our app and that’s it! ClassMaster.io will automatically move all your material to your Cloud personal section and you will never have to worry about the data transfer!

We have looked it up: most of the providers of online-taking-notes generally use old technologies (with annoying manual data transfer to an unsecured online database). Our team has worked hard in order to make the whole process as smooth as possible for each user, without forgetting about security, a key issue nowadays!

Best Online Note-Taking App

Join our online community and see for yourself all the great features offered by our Web app! Use your imagination while creating beautiful Flashcards, have fun in our Game Arena to test your knowledge, focus on the lecturer while recording the class, and many, many more features that will revolutionise your learning experience!

Make Your Own Flashcards

Aren’t you tired of learning notions based on standardised books and representations? Use ClassMaster.io to make your own flashcard sets!

Enjoy the Game Arena

Who said that learning cannot be fun? Play with your friends in our Game Arena: who will guess the highest number of flashcards?

The Cloud Experience

Our goal was to let everyone learn everything from everywhere at any time, and we did it! Check out our Cloud system!


Use Your Imagination

Be creative, learning does not have to be dull! Stimulate your brain by personalising your flashcards with images and sounds!