English Top Words Flashcards

Did you know there are over 600,000 words in the English language. But don’t worry with only 2,801 words you can cover 90% of the language and consider yourself fluent.
That is what the EAP foundation has researched and you can visit their site for more info and a full list.
But to help you on the way to mastering the English language we have provided a class where we are putting the top words in so you can make sure each word you learn has maximum impact.

Top 50 English Words Flashcards

With the top 50 words, we will cover 50% of used words used in the English language. We will cover words such as the, a, have and many more super-common words

51 – 100 English Words Flashcards

The next 50 words will give you 8% more coverage. words covered here are word such as people, because, use and more.

Top 101 – 200 English Words Flashcards

The next 100 words give you 7% more word coverage. Words such as house, different, next and others are found here.  

Top 201 – 300 English Words Flashcards

The next 100 words give you an extra 4% coverage. Words such as student, hoe, member, and car can be found here.  

Top 301 – 400 English Words Flashcards

This next 100 gives you an extra 3% coverage. If you learn everything to the point, you have a coverage of 72%!
Words are more unique here with words such as period, political and either are in the group.

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