Best Online Games For Studying

If you believe that playing online games is only a kids’ activity, that is not true. Stimulating different areas of our brain is a significant factor in improving our interest in specific topics. Playing game is the helper!

Our team at dedicated a lot of effort to give each user a gaming experience to boost the learning pace and maximize learning output.


Play online games to study?

Science proves it

Have you ever noticed how sometimes your attention span tends to decrease under certain circumstances? If you thought that this is your fault, you may be wrong: research shows that a critical factor for maintaining your focus over time is given by the specific learning set around you.

Researchers at Hebron University underlined the importance of introducing a challenging educational game in a student’s learning method and the results were extremely interesting: our memory works way better after playing a game! Here are some features of using to help you study while playing fun learning games!

Why online flashcard games can help learning?

Reason 1 – Flash Games Make it Fun 

Do not underestimate the power of competition. Flash games help you in a motivating way to put information into the long-term memory, without extra effort. Just open our app and enjoy the fun quiz game and play with as many friends as you wantThe building of your whole classroom experience is centralized around the process of flashcard creation, with the guarantee of mastering each class as you go. This setting makes it really easy to organise yourself and maximise your learning experience, with an evident positive influence on your exam results.


Reason 2 – Kids Friendly!  

You can find many online games for your children in order to learn something. Guessing games, role games, card games, board games, and many more! If you are a parent, rest assured: our flashcards game is absolutely kids-friendly with its competitive factor and great colourful images, your kid will love it!

Reason 3 – Online Games To Play With Friends 

Make a competition with your friends, gives you the ultimate gaming experience. Invite a friend to play, show him or her the picture of the card: will your friend be able to guess the right flashcard? Can you explain in an effective way the theory behind the flashcard?


Reason 4 – Quiz Games To Test Your Memory! 

Sometimes you are bored, you are waiting for somebody, you want to relax or simply to challenge yourself. In all these occasions, you can spend time by testing your memory on! cool Boost your memory in our Game Arena, who said that learning cannot be fun?

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