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We focus on giving students the tools and methods to learn. What you learn is up to you.

Lesson Recorder

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a complex class with many new concepts you have never heard of? It is not fair to struggle in order to take down every concept explained by the teacher, do not waste your time in taking every notes in class. Focus more on listening. Use to help you record and make the your revision much easier.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a small notes area in order to replicate what the teacher is explaining during a difficult class? Use the online notes function to manage all your classes! gives you access to a user-friendly private board in order to write erase edit all your notes.  Extremely easy to use and you can keep all the information on one screen.

Flashcard Creator

Do you know that research has proved that flashcard method is one of the most efficient way to improve memory? At, the online flashcards function uses spaced repetition to save you time and achieve the best learning efficiency. With you can create as many flashcards as you need and want, and they will always be in your pocket. Start making one now!

Game Arena

Exam coming up? Feel bored to do the revision? It’s time to gamify your study revision! Our game function helps you internalise difficult ideas by putting them into your own words, finding relevant visualised pictures to illustrate, and can help you be more focused during exam revision. Use the online game function to manage all your classes! Try this innovative learning technique now!

Under the hood

Using latest technology to ensure your work is safe & secure

Google Cloud Storage

We use a simple stack and don’t have complicated storage or systems. Everything is within a single tech environment as to insure maximum security.

Passwordless Login

Making sure your personal details are safe and not having to use a password helps to keep your data safe. We can’t lose your password if you do not have one.

All from your browser

We Leverage the latest browser technology so you have total control of permissions, and there is no secret tech being installed on your phone.

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